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The mission of the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament is to bring together junior high wrestlers from across the state to compete in Oklahoma’s toughest wrestling tournament for a chance to be named the best wrestler in Oklahoma. Driven by competition, commitment, dedication, and a love of wrestling, the Tournament helps secure the growth of wrestling programs and the development of young men and women.

We created Oklahoma’s toughest and most rewarding junior high wrestling tournament.

Oklahoma school wrestling programs and clubs volunteering to work the tournament receive funds to help support their programs. Donations are made to support the Oklahoma chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and local college programs.

The tournament has been going strong; helping young wrestlers grow since 1976.

Tournament History

The Idea Behind the Tournament

In 1976, a group of fathers whose sons wrestled in little league and YMCA programs founded the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma. The idea for the tournament came when their sons reached junior high due to the wrestling competitions being limited geographically to local schools instead of statewide.

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1981 Founders, organizers, and volunteer workers. Standing (L to R): Doc Myers, Gary Roach, Stan Dearduff, John LaBrie, volunteer; Gibb Hicks, Vince Fusko, Louis DeQuasie, Charles Richards, Ray Gundy, Lelan Clark, Charlie Bates, volunteer; Don Blasingame. Seated (L to R): Mrs. Gibb Hicks, Mrs. Nancy Myers

Creating a Path for True Champions

In the spirit of competition, the dads create a fair playing field where all best wrestlers in the state could fight for one ultimate championship dispite their school size or location. This gave way for everyone in the same weight class to battle their way to one championship.

1995 Founders and volunteer
The Good Ol' Days

The dedication and commitment of the community of volunteers at the tournament were matched only by their competitive spirit. The group worked tirelessly to put on the best tournament.

1995 Founders, organizers, and volunteer workers. Standing (L to R) Ray Gundy, volunteer; Don Blasingame, Don Wilson, Stan Dearduff, John LaBrie, Gibb Hicks, Donnie Grice, Gary Love, and Gary Roach; seated (L to R) Louis DeQuasie, Vince Fusko, Lelan Clark, Doc Myers, Mrs. Lynn Myers, Mrs. Gibb Hicks, Mr. Delaney, and Tommy Whiteman

The Tournament's Reputation

The Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament has a reputation for being the most challenging wrestling tournament in the state. To be crowned champion here represents an extraordinary accomplishment, being crowned the #1 junior high wrestler in entire state of Oklahoma. 

Introduction of the 6th & 7th Grade Boys Tournament Division
Tommy Parker October 1959-November 1975 1
Tournament Adds Tommy Parker Memorial Award

Tommy Parker, an outstanding young scholar-athlete-sportsman from Oklahoma City, wrestled at Hefner Junior High and Putnam City High Schools. Tommy committed and dedicated himself to the sport of wrestling, always working to attain excellence in his performance. Tragically, Tommy died in an automobile accident on November 19, 1975, just a few months after getting his driver’s license.  

Oklahoma's Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament commends and memorializes his dedication to hard work and his example of sportsmanship to all who would strive for excellence. The Tommy Parker Memorial Award is presented to a champion in each division with the three fastest falls.

Starting in 2008, the tournament presented an outstanding wrestler award to the 6th & 7th-grade boys divisions. In 2019, the tournament extended the outstanding wrestler award to the girl’s junior high division. 

Bob Lewallen Nov 1937-October 1991
Tournament Adds Bob LeWallen Memorial Award

Allstate Wrestling annually selects and presents the Junior High Coach of the Year.   This award is given in memory of Bob Lewallen, our friend and one of the founders of the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament. We fondly remember his love for wrestling and his dedication and commitment to the tournament.

Introduction of the Girls Junior High Division (7th, 8th and 9th grade)
Introduction of the Girls 6th and 7th Grade Tournament Division
The Tournament Adds the Lelan Clark Memorial Award
Known as the Outstanding Wrestler Award

The Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament presents the Lelan Clark Memorial Award to outstanding wrestlers in the Junior High Girls and Boys Divisions and 6th & 7th Grade Girls and Boys Divisions. Outstanding Wrestlers are named according to the champion in each division, with the three fastest falls in the least amount of time.

Tournament organizers renamed the Tommy Parker Memorial Award to honor tournament co-founder Lelan Clark in 2023 upon his passing the previous year. Clark served 47 years as tournament director for the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament. His dedication and love for the sport of wrestling fueled a desire to provide a true allstate wrestling tournament for junior high students across the state of Oklahoma.

Lelan's remarkable 36-year coaching career began in 1967 when he worked as an assistant coach at John Marshall High School. From 1970 – 1972, he served as the head wrestling coach at U.S. Grant High School. Three years later, in 1975, Lelan helped form and organize the Junior High Allstate Wrestling Tournament.

That same year, he organized the Tinker YMCA Little League Wrestling, where wrestlers from various communities got their start. That little league program operated as a feeder program for Midwest City (MWC) High School wrestling programs. It was an era in which MWC High School found nationwide prominence and statewide dominance on the mat.

Lelan went on to direct all classes in the Oklahoma Secondary Association State High School Wrestling Tournament for the next 11 years until 1990. Lelan returned to coaching in 1988, taking a coaching position at Harrah Junior High that lasted seven years. He then transferred to Monroney Junior High to coach in 1996 until his retirement in 2004. Lelan came out of retirement in 2017 when the request came to coach Choctaw Junior High, where he spent his final two years coaching.

Throughout Lelan’s coaching career, he acquired several personal awards, and his teams won numerous State High School and Junior High State championships. But his real passion lay in his desire to teach and develop young men to believe in themselves and perform at their fullest potential. Lelan dedicated his life to the sport of wrestling. In 1999, he was inducted into the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, recognized with the Lifetime Service to Wrestling award.

Lelan loved to share tournament stories with his friends and family about exciting matches between participants and champions. He believed wrestling taught a great work ethic, contributing to participants' success later in life. His memory and stories live on in our hearts and the Lelan Clark Memorial Award for Outstanding Wrestlers.
Due to popularity of girls wrestling, organizers extended the 2024 tournament to three days.

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The 2024 Tournament Will Be a 3-Day Tournament!

Due to the addition of Girls 6 & 7 grade division in 2023’s tournament, we had to extend the tournament to 3 days.